Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Atelier One's Building in History

This photo appears in the new little volume on Graton's history, published by Lesa Tanner & the Graton Community Club.
The text there reads: "In 1943, Oscar Hallberg built a new dryer in Graton, on the site of the former T.L. Orr Winery building he had converted to a dryer in 1919. He ran it with his sons Donald & Robert. Wooden dryers burned down easily, and the new ones were built of brick, concrete, or metal. The conveyer belt on the left ferried boxes of apples from the loading area on the opposite side of the street. The machinery ran continuously once harvest began, and the smell of apples was sweet at first, but became unpleasant as the season progressed. In 1983, Lamont Langworthy had the idea of creating artists' studios in the building, and in mid-1987, Atelier One became part of the Graton Community. (photo from Louise Hallberg)

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